This is Dustin, and it is Monday  April 18th and this is “This Week in Gaming.”

Swinging through last week we have the big story of Lizard Squad. This merry band of hackers, who are more of an annoyance than anything else, took it upon themselves to retaliate for several recent things. Starting on the 13th following the arrests of key members and Blizzard making themselves a big shiny target for lots of upset folks for shutting down a private server of the game World of Warcraft. The group began a siege of sorts using DDoS attacks to bring down the servers for all Blizzard Titles briefly. They moved on to other companies shortly after but in the waves of attacks they managed to get email and employee file access for several members of the companies they were attacking.


Leslie Benzies the former producer of Grand Theft Auto and former president of Rockstar North has filed a lawsuit against GTA publisher Take-Two Interactive for 150 million dollars. This came after Take-Two filed suit against its former employee for “breach of contract” the day before.

The publishing company Codemasters has announced that they have acquired the failing Sony studio Evolution Studios, MotorStorm and Driveclub, while announcing that they intend to become the world’s largest racing ip focused game producer. This comes on the tails of reported losses for both the publisher and the studio.

The publishing company Electronic Arts announced Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall 2 officially this week. Teasing the information about it being multi-platform and news that the worldwide reveal will be on June 12th.  EA also confirmed that Lando Calrissian will be coming to Star Wars Battlefront and that Developer DICE gave an update on the Bespin DLC and on upcoming offline modes.

A bit of exciting news for all the Red Dead Redemption fans out there. We have the confirmed Art Direction map for the in development follow up Red Dead Redemption 2 for you.


Finally in some news I am excited about Final Fantasy 9 launched officially for PC giving Emulator user’s something to sigh in relief over following the lack of support for most PS1 emulators which have become suddenly unstable in the recent months. Whispers around the web seem to lean towards a possible agreement with Sony and Microsoft to try and disable these emulators in the last Windows update that launched this week though we have confirmed this is just a rumor.

And in what may be the slowest week in modern gaming, here is this weeks release lineup:

Tuesday April 19th we have “Lichdom: Battlemage” and “Assetto Corsa.”

Friday April 22nd we see Star Fox Zero hitting the shelves.

From what we have seen of next weeks line up things are looking grim for the first month of the second quarter.


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Written by: Dustin Ware


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