This is Dustin, and it is Monday April 11th and this is “This week in Gaming.”

First off I would like to welcome the latest DLC for Fallout 4 to the table. Wasteland Workshop comes out this Tuesday and I am actually really excited for it. I currently have plans to turn the Starlight Drive-in into a Zoo of sorts and will include a video tour of the zoo once it is the completed. There are many great releases this week and on that note here is this week’s release lineup:

Monday: Dark Souls 3 releasing early on PC, along with Skullgirls: Second Encore on Vita. We also have two PC titles that look interesting Kim and Judgement: Apocalypse Survival Simulation.

images (2)

Tuesday: This day will be huge for PS4 fans with Ratchet & Clank, Stories: The Path of Destiny, and Dark Souls 3: Day One Edition all launching on the Sony Console. Xbox One is sharing  the Dark Souls 3 and PC is sharing Stories.

Wednesday: Unfortunately this is the midweek slump with Perfect World International launching on PC.

Thursday: Get read for some Indy Title release for PC. These include Goetia, Club Life, and Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture. 

Friday: Gears the EU up with WIIU releases Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze and The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. The US gets the better end of the deal though with the release of the latest Bravely game Bravely Second: End Layer on 3DS.


Not only are there some great games coming out this week but there is also some other exciting news that is significant in the gaming World.

Gaming Conventions

One should remember to start packing if you are going to Pax East on the 22nd. We will be covering a post-convention roundup shortly after the end of the convention.

Blizzard Entertainments eSport event Heroes of the Dorm is running this weekend again you can watch the stream over on ESPN with a standard Cable Subscription and, if there is a Heroes of the Dorm event near you, the events are free to attend and will be loaded with loot.  In other Blizzard news BlizzCon 2016 has been announced with tickets going on sale later this month. In a new and strange development though it should be mentioned that no Hotels near the convention have partnered with Blizzard this year. Tickets for the Convention itself are $199 and tickets to the Charity Dinner are $750. This will be the 10th Blizzcon since the first one in 2005 and will be held as usual at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim California


World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft is gearing up for its next expansion called Legion. Which will be releasing sometime in the Third Quarter but we are still in the dark on what the physical collector’s edition will contain and when the actual release date will be.


Arena Net

ArenaNet is shifting gears for their flagship MMO GuildWars 2 as Super Adventure Box 2 is winding down to an end. The closing of this bi-annual event will include a quarterly content update for the game and the end of the development of new legendary weapons for the near future. Mike O’brien has been keeping us well updated on what his plans are.


Gaming Scandals:

In the presses we have one article coming out of last week that is turning up the heat for Steam, the online provider for DRM PC games that has become a favorite of the PC gaming community for users and developers. In a recent investigation into the campaign spending of California Congressman Duncan Hunter showed an expense of 1302 dollars spent on games from the provider. In a statement released by Hunters Campaign Manager it is said that the games were purchased by Hunters son and that the money would be returned to the account by either Hunter or by Steam. The FEC has given Hunter till May 9th to respond formally respond to their request. Hunter is a strong lobbyist for the Video Game Industry and recently made news for Vaping during a Congress Session.


Written by: Dustin Ware

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