Gaming News: Issue #3 of this week in gaming

This past week was big for gaming, we have a lot of announcements coming later this week as we finish verifying information with publishers and developers. While we verify this news we want to talk about what is coming out this week.


“Corpse Party” is coming to PC from PSP this week and with a decent meta-score it promises to be entertaining though it has a low replay value.



Playstation 4 gets “Alienation” from Housemarque OY, the creators of “Dead Nation”, I haven’t really heard a lot about this one so I can’t say yay or nay on it. Also on the Vita we have “Severed” and “Stranger of Sword City” both of which have been receiving mediocre reviews across the board. In better news we have continuations for “Tales from the Borderlands”, from Telltale Games, and Chapter 3 of Kings Quest, which is titled “Once Upon a Climb”


Today we will see the definitive edition of “Ori and the Blind Forest” come to PC. I fully suggest you pick up this game if you haven’t played it before. The story and game play are excellent and it has decent replay value if you like to increase the difficulty with each go.  


This is the day for WIIU fans with “Deer God” and “Mini Mario and Friends: amiibo Challenge” coming out. “Deer God” is being ported from other Gen 4 consoles and has received mixed reception. I have tried it myself but felt it was lacking. Mini Mario and Friends on the other hand seems very fun and is launching with full amiibo support for all of you collectors out there.



so yeah… maybe get out of the house today or play one of those great free titles from Xbox Gold or PS Plus if you are looking for something new.


Well this is a first time thing this year. Saturday release dates are generally planned for games that aren’t planning on the huge reception of a weekday release and are typically aimed at students and 9 to 5ers who can’t pick up something new during the week. That being said we have “Gal Gun: Double Piece” coming for the Vita and PS4 and “The Walking Dead: Michonne – Episode 3: What We Deserve.”



That is all I have for this week and stay tuned for big updates coming later this week when we discuss all the releases announced this weekend at PAX East.


Written by: Dustin Ware


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