Every week we like to give our fans the top ten books we recommend and plan on purchasing each week.  We also like to give one kids recommendation in our top ten.  Included in this top ten is also a kids choice book, top merchandise of the week, and a recommended Trade Paperback. These weekly blogs do not include any spoilers just a summary of the book usually provided by the comic book distributor.  We also release comic book reviews every Wednesday that do include reviews with spoilers. Keep in mind the covers we provide are our preference so it may not be available or you may prefer a different cover.  Make sure to go to the comic distributors for information for all details on the book and variants.

Army of Darkness Furious Road #1:  Who doesn’t love Ash?  Well now we will see his character in a comic and I am stoked for this new series to start.  Starting this series Ash must deal with the demons, warewolves, and witches. Before he can do that he must take care of the daughter of Dracula.  Will Ash be able to fight off all the evil that he has encountered?  Or is everyone doomed?  This book comes in 8 variants.



Black Widow #1:  This is a brand new series and I am pumped for this series to start.  Natasha has spent years gathering new secrets, but now those secrets are going to come out and no one is safe once they do.  There are hidden enemies, old friends, and some very surprising allies will collide.  It sounds like this story line will have a similar story line to the new Civil War movie, and it will give us a more in depth idea of how everyone in S.H.I.E.L.D becomes enemies for the new movie.  This book comes with five different variants so be sure to check them all out.


DC Bombshells #11:  I have always enjoyed the DC Bombshell comics and I have been enjoying this series so far. This week, Tenebrus unleashes an army on the city and the Bombshells must come together to protect the city.  Will Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Batwoman, Stargirl, Aquawoman, Dr. Light and Big Barda be enough to protect the city?  Will they be able to save everyone from Tenebrus’ Army?  This weeks book connects with next week’s book (issue 12) to make one big image.  These two books will be a great collector’s item to have.  This book just has one cover this week to connect to next week’s book.


Deadpool #8: I have really been enjoying this series and it’s packed with constant excitement every week. Deadpool has no idea that he killed his own parents and he thinks Sabretooth did it.  This week the battle starts and get ready for Sabretooth and Deadpool to duke it out.  Who do you think will win this battle?  Will Deadpool discover that Sabretooth was not the one to kill his parents? Plan for an extra exciting and action packed book this week.  This book has four variants, make sure to check them all out.


Discipline #1:  This is a brand new series that I want to give a chance and check out.  This story has high sex and adult content so this book is only for adults that enjoy this type of content.  This story is about a girl Melissa who at the moment is having a stressful time between fighting her sister and her husband.  She starts to fall in lust with a stranger, but he is way more dangerous than she thinks and gets herself in a heap of trouble.  Will Melissa be able to escape the danger of this man?


Invincible Iron Man #7:  I have been enjoying this series so far and every week it is packed with action and leaves me wanting more.  This week, Iron Man and War Machine must work together in order to save the Marvel Universe from a new threat.  This book is suppose to lead up to the Blockbuster movie event and give us some clues.  Will the duo be able to save the Marvel Universe from this new threat?  Or is everyone doomed?  This book has one variant cover and the original cover that is shown here.

679766_559dad12787dd4b347258c71b5914eb143537a83 (1)

Old Man Logan #3:  I have always enjoyed Old Man Logan and have read every book in this series so far.  I have been enjoying it, but not quite as much as the original.  The story line Old Man Logan has to go into his past in order to save the future.  This week he must trust in an old ally in order to battle his way through war in the present.  Will Old Man Logan find Hawkeye or will the Archer find Logan first?  Expect tons of action in this weeks book.  This book has two variant covers the one shown is the Captain America 75th Anniversary Variant.  Make sure to check out our reviews for the last series and the first two books of this series today.


Spiderman #2:  A few weeks ago we got a taste of a really big 75th anniversary addition for Spiderman #1 and this week there is another 75th anniversary variant cover.  In this weeks issue, The Avengers are out and it’s up to Miles Morales to take out the villain.  The only issue is he has enough power to destroy the whole universe.  Will he be able to take out the villain without taking out the whole universe and everyone in it?  This book has two variant covers, the one shown is the 75th anniversary Captain America variant cover.

682333_spider-man-2-captain-america-75th-anniversary (1)

Walking Dead # 152:  I never miss an issue of The Walking Dead it is one of my favorite series.  Every week when I check the list of comics being released this is the one I get most excited for.  Every issue keeps me pumped and wanting to come back for more every week.  Just like the show we don’t get a lot of details until the book is released.  This week all the information we got was  “United in Fear”.  I have a feeling that something could explode in this week’s book.  Make sure to look out for my reviews of issues #150 and #151 that will be released today.  This book only has one cover this week.


Kids Choice-Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #1:  Yes that’s right a new Power Rangers series and I don’t know a child that doesn’t enjoy the power rangers, and it will be entertaining enough for you to read with your little ones.  This week the Green Ranger discovers that he might be hurting everything than helping.  Will he decide to step down or will he continue to make things difficult on everyone?  There are nine covers for you to choose from this week so be sure to check them all out, or better yet go comic shopping with your little one and let them pick.


Merchandise of the Week-Batman 1966 Premium Batgirl Statue:  This is a great addition to your statue collection.  With a new Batgirl this week why not get a brand new book and statue?  This statue is from Diamond and it is an absolute must if you are a collector.  This is a statue from the 1966 tv show after Batgirl joins the show during the third season.  This is an absolute must if you are a collector and the perfect statue to add to your Batman collection.


Trade Paperback of the Week-DC Bombshells TP Volume 1:  I have really been enjoying this series so far and if you haven’t picked up most of them, then this is the way to go.  This series is loaded with excitement from one book to the next.  This series is the version of the Bombshells fighting the second war.  Book #11 was just released this week.  This TPB covers issues #1-#6 and is priced at $14.99.


All C’s Collectibles is my favorite place to shop for comics.  They have some incredible deals and they always have any book I need.  I have a hold slot there and it pays off every week by receiving 20% off my new titles just for having a hold slot.  It is nice because you only need to pick up your books every two weeks if you don’t have time one week to pick them up.  All C’s Collectibles is also having an event this weekend, Artist Appreciation Day.  There will be over 15 artists, plus Rocky Mountain Con and Aurora Rise will be set up.  If you are not aware of Aurora Rise it is a Non Profit to help the victims of the Aurora Shooting.  All C’s will also be offering 50% off back issues, 25% off Trade Paperbacks, and 10% off sports cards.  All C’s also has the gaming arena with great gaming tournaments every week. Make sure to check them both out if you can’t make it this weekend.


Written by: Gina at Geeking For Everyone

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