The book that I chose to review this week is one of my absolute favorites, Wolverine: Old Man Logan.  This is one of my favorite all time Wolverine comics and it is a do not miss.  With the new Old Man Logan series I thought it would be an appropriate one to review this week.  If you have not read this one I highly recommend doing so before you read the new series.  I picked up the volume for this book so I could read it all at once and I read it in about ten minutes I loved it so much.  With this review there might be a few spoilers, but it is not my intent to spoil the entire book so that you can find out some of the awesomeness on your own.



The night the heroes fell we are all left with questions and a big wondering of what happened.  This story line takes place 50 years after the heroes fell, and its great to have a look at things in the future.  Wolverine is more defiant than ever and he also shows us absolute resistance to fight at all or to unleash his claws.  He is now living a new life without his mutant life, and is trying to live the life of a normal working family man and not a mutant who fights to save humanity. Logan then runs into money troubles with the Banner family and cannot pay them rent owed.  The Banner family in this series is the most dangerous family/group around and pretty much no one messes with them.  They are known for cutting off limbs for people not paying up and this time Logan’s family is at risk for not being able to pay up.  Logan is not completely out of luck when an old Ally comes in to save the day.  A blind Hawkeye shows up seeking for Logans help, and Logan agrees because he needs the money.  The duo are both in need of each others help, and they know they must work together in order to save themselves.  Logan tells Hawkeye he is not breaking out his claws or violence. You will learn further through reading this book why Logan won’t get out his claws.  He takes old man Logan on an adventure to make some money and pay off some debt, but they run into a lot more trouble on the way than old man Logan had anticipated. Of course Hawkeye promises Wolverine that there is no trouble along the way and they run into a lot more trouble than they anticipated.  The first person they run into is Hawkeye’s daughter with Spiderman’s daughter named Ashley.  She is also Spiderman’s grandaughter so she has power in her genes and was dressed in a ripped apart spidey costume. She was trapped in a cell by Kingpin and then Hawkeye and Logan bust her out of the cell not knowing what she was up to.  She unfortunately did not believe in great responsibility with great power like her Grandfather.  She was the biggest trouble we may have seen yet.  She manages to defeat one of the biggest villains in the Marvel Universe and then Hawkeye is faced with taking down his own daughter to save humanity.  We also see versions of Ghost Rider, Red Skull, and then finally in the end we see the ultimate fight between Old Man Logan and Bruce Banner.  Wolverine and Hawkeye fight their way through every villain and this book is absolutely packed with solid, intense, and good action.

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I rate this book a 10 out of 10 I would not have changed a thing and absolutely loved this book.  The ironic part about this book is I would have always pictured Hawkeye as the one who would quit fighting and become the family man, but the roles are reversed in this story line and Wolverine is the one with the family.  The action in this story is absolutely phenomenal.  We see the duo unleash and absolutely annhilate just about every villain in the Marvel Universe.  And we even see them take down Hero’s that have gone evil.  The art and writing both are absolutely incredible throughout this book.  I love that a new Old Man Logan series has started and I am curious to see where the new series goes.  I have been pumped for a new Old Man Logan for so long that I hope my anticipation doesn’t exceed my expectations.  Stay Tuned every Wednesday for comic book releases and weekly reviews.

could-wolverine-3-really-be-based-on-old-man-logan-471271                                                       hugh-jackman-reveals-why-he-won-t-play-wolverine-again-444292

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