Colorado’s largest and longest gaming convention starts in a few days and I couldn’t be more pumped for this convention.  GenghisCon will have a lot of great gaming, guests, panels, artists, and vendors. There will be unlimited amounts of gaming and if you are a gamer, nerd, or cosplayer this is the place to be this weekend.  Not only will there be 24 hours of gaming, but GenghisCon also is a four day convention from February 11th to February 14th.  GenghisCon will be located at the Radisson Denver Hotel Souteasr.  So much will be going on for this event and I can’t wait for the ultimate gaming convention to start.  GenghisCon will have Board Games, Collectible Card games, Dungeon crawl, Live Action RPG, Miniatures, Role Playing Games, and of course Video Games.


One thing I love about gaming conventions is having the opportunity to meet many of the masterminds behind gaming and there will be some fascinating guests at this convention.  There will be at least 15 gaming guests for this convention.  One of my favorites is Eric Wile who designed Star Wars Galaxies, Everquest, and much more.   There is at least one guest for every area of gaming expertise, and a guest for every type of gamer.   Not only is there some gaming guests but there will also be some cosplay guests as well.  Mika Nicole, Jet Elizabeth, Jimmy Schmidt and many more will be cosplay special guests for this convention.  Make sure to also check the programming guide to check for guests in any panels.


Not only will Genghiscon have a lot of great guests and gaming, there will also be a lot of great artists and vendors.  One of my personal favorite artists will be there, Nathaniel Hamel.  He has some amazing art so please make sure to stop by his table and check out his work.   One thing I love about this convention is the dealer room hours.  Most conventions the dealers room closes relatively early, and Thursday night it doesn’t close until 8pm, Friday & Saturday 7 pm, and Sunday when the convention closes at 2 pm.

10407276_344807039004601_8110655177158322445_nart  by Nathaniel Hamel

At GenghisCon there will also be some amazing panels that you won’t find anywhere else.  On Friday you can find out what weapons and strategies to use during a zombie apocalypse, or find out how to make good armor.  There are also several good cosplay panels on Friday for all the cosplayers.  On Saturday you can enjoy some fun gaming panels and one panel I want to make it to is the Star Trek vs Star Wars panel.  And of course there will be a cosplay contest on Saturday. On Sunday, I will be checking out long time game designer Eric Wile’s panel to get an inside on the gaming World.  For all the Cosplayers that want to save money there will also be a panel on Sunday to teach you how to save money and cosplay.


GenghisCon also has some additional attractions that may interest you.  If you have little ones they can also enjoy this convention.  GenghisCon also has something called Con Jr. where your little ones can also get an introduction to the gaming industry and have some fun gaming themselves.  If your child is under 7 then you must be present.  This area is also open until 11:30 pm on Saturday night for the older kids to have fun in a safe environment until curfew.  There is also an auction for those of you that are collectors (please make sure to see guidelines for auction on website).   The convention also offers to get in touch with your creative side by offering painting classes by some skilled artists. Genghis also offers gaming tournaments where you can win up to $2,000.  No matter what your skill level is in gaming this is the place to be.


No matter what time of day you have something going on this weekend you should still be able to attend with hours of gaming.  Get on the GenghisCon website for ticketing information, programming hours, and any other information needed.  If you have any direct questions you can also ask questions in the event page or the Facebook page for GenghisCon.  Cosplayers if you would like to participate in the cosplay contest then register on the website as soon as you can and be sure to check the cosplay guidelines even if you are not participating in the contest.   I hope to see everyone at Genghiscon this weekend and stay tuned for more event coverage.



Written by: Gina at Geeking 4 Everyone

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