Every week we like to give our fans the top ten books we recommend and plan on purchasing each week.  We also like to give one kids recommendation in our top ten. These weekly blogs do not include any spoilers just a summary of the book usually provided by the comic book distributor.  We also release comic book reviews every Wednesday that do include reviews with spoilers. Keep in mind the covers we provide are our preference so it may not be available or you may prefer a different cover.  Make sure to go to the comic distributors for information for all details on the book and variants.


Black Magick #5:  I have always enjoyed this series and so far I have not missed a book.  This is the conclusion of the first story arc.  How do you think this will end?  This weeks book has one variant cover.  I can’t wait to see how this arc concludes.


Bloodshot Reborn #11:  Bloodshot is one of my favorite characters in the Valiant Universe and I have been enjoying this series so far.  Even the remaining heroes in the Valiant Universe can’t fight off the G.A.T.E that rules the wastelands.  Bloodshot emerges with some survivors and he is forced to choose between survival or his friends and family.  Will Bloodshot try and save everyone?  Or will leave everyone behind to increase the chance of his survival?


Danger Girl Renegade #4:  I never miss the chance to pick up Danger Girl, and especially when J Scott Campbell  participates in the art.  The finale for this series takes a shocking turn when Abbey gets some shocking revelations from her past.  You can expect this weeks book to be packed with action.  This book has one variant.


Daredevil #4:  With the Daredevil series starting soon I have been extra pumped for Daredevil.  I have picked up every book in this series so far and I have been pumped every time a new one is released.  This week Matt Murdock struggles to bring a case against the church.  Daredevil continues to fight a villain and reaches out to one of our favorite superheros for help, Steve Rodgers.  That’s right Captain America will be in this weeks issue.  Will Captain America and Daredevil be able to defeat the villain?  There is one variant cover for this weeks book.


Dark Knight III The Master Race #3:  This week is the best week to collect different variants for Batman.  This book has a total of 12 covers and the artists on these covers are absolutely incredible.  Jae Lee, Frank Miller, Scott McDaniel, and many more have all come together and created some great art for these covers. I have already made my pre order for all the variants, and this is a collector’s item that you won’t want to miss.  I have really enjoyed this series and I can’t wait for this weeks book.  In the third issue Batman struggles with asking for help when he needs it.  What will Batman do?  With so much as stake will he be able to turn to others for help?  The cover shown is the Jae Lee Variant cover.


Fight Club #2:  Chuck Palanuik is one of my favorite writers and I would never miss the chance to pick up one of his books.  And who doesn’t love Fight Club?  I really enjoyed the first book in this series and it left me wanting to come back for more.  In issue #2, as Sebastian and Marla revive their love for one another he also has to make the decision to fight his own son in order to save his family.  Things go terribly wrong when they are buried alive in a Salt Cavern.  Will they be able to get out of the salty situation they are in?


Saga #34:  This is a series I have not missed one book of and I never miss the chance to pick up all books as well as the Trade Paperbacks.  Fiona Staples and Brian Vaughn have put together an amazing series and if you haven’t had the chance to read Saga yet, I highly recommend doing so.  Unfortunately the distributor gave no information on this weeks book so you will just have to buy the issue and find out what happens this week.  This book comes in one cover.


Spawn #261:  I never miss out on the chance to purchase Mcfarlane’s work.  He is my #1 favorite artist and its amazing how much this series improves week to week.  When I once had the opportunity to interview McFarlane he emphasized that you will see improvements when you practice daily, and it really shows in his work.   In this weeks issue it is a fight to escape hell for Al and Wanda as Satan himself makes sure that there is no escape for them.  Mcfarlane takes us through an action packed issue that you won’t want to miss.  This cover has one variant, the cover shown is the one Mcfarlane did himself.  There was also another amazing variant cover done by Gerardo Sandoval.


Wayward #14:  Since this series started I have not missed a single book.  I have always liked the manga and this is one of my favorites for manga style.  This week as absolute chaos breaks loose the Tokyo Tower burns to the ground. One really unique thing about this weeks cover is it is the first of a five part panorama, and I know I will be collecting every one.


Kids Choice of the Week-Peanuts Vol 2 #31:  Who doesn’t love Charlie Brown and Snoopy?  Especially with the movie coming out on video I think kids are extra pumped right now.  This is also a good read for adults to read with their little ones.  This week, Snoopy rushes to help Peppermint Patty and Thompson.  Will Snoopy be able to save the day?


Merchandise of the Week – Doctor Who Coloring Book:  Adult Coloring books seem to be very popular right now and this is by far one of the most entertaining ones I have seen yet.  Since Doctor Who is now on Disney you could also enjoy this one with your children.


All C’s Collectibles is my favorite place to buy comics, collectibles, and cards.  They have some great specials that are too hard to miss out on and they have what I need every week.  I have a pull slot there and it definitely saves me money and time.  All C’s also has great events and they have an event coming up on March 5th, Artist Appreciation Day.  There will be over 15 phenominal artists setting up and selling books, original art, and prints.  All C’s is also running some amazing deals including but not limited to: 50% off back issues, 25% off TPB’s, 10% off wall books, and 10% off sports cards.  All C’s also has the All C’s Gaming Arena to meet all of your magic and gaming needs.  They have a tournament just about every day and it’s the best place to participate in gaming.  Make sure to stop by the store and check it out or if you are out of Colorado, please check them out on Facebook.


Written by: Gina at Geeking For Everyone

All C’s Collectibles:  https://www.facebook.com/All-Cs-Collectibles-115762281775628/

All C’s Gaming Arena:  https://www.facebook.com/AllCsGamingArena


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