Denver Comic Con has announced some amazing guests already for this years event and there was four more guests announced this afternoon on 9 news.  I was already pumped after the guests they had announced but this announcement puts the icing on the cake for this years event.  There will be plenty more guest announced, but for now this should leave you with a lot of excitement for this years event.  The latest guest announcement on 9 news today will leave the fans of the Caped Crusader especially pumped.  There will be some guests joining us from the Batman 1966 TV series and also from our favorite Batman cartoon,  Batman: The Animated Series. 

The Legend for the Caped Crusader, Adam West was the first guest announced for this years event.  He lived and breathed Batman for most of his life.  He reappeared in Batman: The Animated Seriesafter playing Batman for many years in the 1966 TV series.  West is also known for several Television commercials, and several voice overs.  He has reappeared in several cartoons over the years with Batman and also has appeared in SpongeBob, and The Simpsons.  I cannot wait to see and possibly meet the original Batman at this years event.  There were also some more guests announced from one of our favorite Batman Television series.

The excitement doesn’t stop there the next guest announced is another star from one of our favorite Batman TV series, and that guest is Burt Ward.  He played Robin in theBatman 1966 TV series along side with Adam West.  Having both of them at this years event is very exciting and I could not be more pleased with this announcement.  Ward also had other roles including but not limited to recording an album with Rock Star, Frank Zappa.

The third guest announced for this years event is another star from the Batman 1966 Television series.  This guest is Julie Newmar who played Catwoman and an excellent addition to the guest list for this year, especially with Adam West and Burt Ward attending, this will make a great trio for this years event.  This was the last guest announced today for the Batman 1966 Television series, but there was also a guest added from our favorite Batman cartoon.

If the first three guests weren’t spectacular enough then you will be extra pumped for this one.  The last guest announced on 9 news today was a voice actor from our favorite Batman Animated TV series, Batman: The Animated Series.  Kevin Conroy has been added to the guest list for this year.  Kevin is a legend and I could not be more excited about him being a guest this year.  Having all four guests, and plus Neal Adams and other Batman artists makes the guest list at Denver Comic Con incredible for Batman fans.  Don’t miss some incredible Batman guests and many other incredible guests that have already been added to this years event.

Denver Comic Con not only holds one of the best cons in the nation, but there are also some great benefits when you attend.  The main benefit in going to Denver Comic Con is the proceeds go to
Comic Book Classroom, a literacy program for kids.  Not only will you be attending one of the best cons in the nation, but you will also be contributing to what matters the most, our kids and future kids.  Comic Book Classroom has excellent panels and activities throughout the con, and we felt like all 4 of our tickets were easily paid for in the activities the kids participated in.  If you have kids, not only will they have a great time seeing some of their favorite celebrities, but they also get the enjoyment of participating in so many kids activities.  There are even several panels for the kiddos on how to make their own comics, and they also will get the fun joy in making comics of their own.  Even if you don’t have kids, you have the excitement of attending one of the best cons in the nation and also getting the joy of contributing to little ones while you are doing it.  Comic Book Classroom arranges excellent after school programs at various schools across the state to help kids learn how to read, write, and write their own comics.  For more information on Comic Book Classroom please be sure to visit their website and Facebook page.  They also have excellent pamphlets you can print from DCC’s website.  Please come and join us for all the excitement at Denver Comic Con next year and contribute to children just by attending.

Tickets are selling fast so don’t wait until last minute and make sure you pick them up soon.  Also make sure to subscribe to the newsletter on Denver Comic Con’s website so you get all the updates. I hope to see everyone at Denver Comic Con 2014.  And stay tuned to our page and website for more Denver Comic Con guest announcements.

Blog written by:  Gina at Geeking 4 Everyone

Denver Comic Con:

Don’t forget to check out our friends at Lords of Geek for more media coverage and guest announcements!!!

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