This weekend I was covering Galaxy Fest as press for our friends at Lords of Geek.  Overall, it was a great weekend and the perfect event to start out the con season with.  I met up with our friends from Girls of Geek12 and had an great time rocking out this con with them.  Galaxy Fest is a much more laid back con, but it was the perfect way to start out the con season, and it was great to be able to walk around with friends and be able to see everything since the schedule is spread apart.

The dealer room was fun to walk through there was a lot of great merchandise.  I picked up a few things

being the comic book and toy collector that I am.   There was one guy who had a booth with comics and he had a lot that were sold in packs between 5 and 20 comics in a pack and I was more than happy to add to my Guardians of the Galaxy collection.  I picked up and they were sold in two seperate packs.  I also picked up a Doctor Who collectible. The most enjoyable booth for me was the Colorado Springs Toy Collector con.  The guy who runs it, Clint was such a nice guy and let me tell you he knows his toys.  He had a very impressive table set up with a lot of amazing toys and I could have bought every single one of them.  I have been wanting to buy some more Walking Dead toys so I picked up a Merle and Daryl Dixon set.  I love the Todd Mcfarlane toys and try to pick them up when I can.  His prices were lower than market value so it was hard to resist from buying.  If you are in the Colorado area make sure to check out the Colorado Springs Comic and Toy Con from April 12th and 13th. There was also another table where Gary Alan Weston made the most amazing things and he made them with things around the house, and several of the things he made had common household purposes.  He had a Dalek that was made out of an ice bucket, and also had another creative project that was also a smoke detector.  He had a lot of steampunk projects, and there was a robot chicken that most of you geeks would enjoy. The dealer room was a lot of fun to walk
through and I had a fun time checking out and purchasing some of the geeky merchandise that they had to offer.  We walked through the dealer room both days and it was a great time and catching up with some of the tables a few days in a row.  There was something for everyone there, they had mens clothing, kids, and also tons of jewelry for the ladies.

The dealer room wasn’t the only place with tables set up, there were also some tables set up in the hallway.
501st Legion was there as well as Rocky Mountain Fan Force.  It is always great catching up with the big Star Wars fan groups.  There were also a few tables for the other cons such as animeland (attending next weekend), and also Rocky Mountain con.  R2 builders is another table I always like to catch up with.  They make the most creative models.  I also enjoyed a Doctor Who table that is created solely for Fundraising on Sunday morning created by Duncan Macloed.  It was really cool because the guy that ran it build the Daleks just from supplies at Home Depot.  I spoke with him for a few minutes, and he was from England.  He really liked to talk about how much of a difference the fans were in England compared to America.  He likes to travel around the United States and raise money for his fundraiser.  The name of his organization is AZ Tardis so make sure to check it out he has some amazing things to look at even if you can’t donate.

There were also a few activities going on throughout the weekend that were small but still fun. We glanced in

the gaming room for a few minutes and watched all the gamers have their own little competition.  The Intendence Film Festival was also having a independent film competition most of the day Saturday, and Sunday there was a Q&A where attendees could ask the film directors questions.  We watched for a few minutes each day, and there seemed to be a lot of aspiring film makers.  There was also a Doctor Who panel (same time as the fashion show), and a writing intro panel on Sunday.  There was a room with a portable planetarium, and I must say this was very awesome.  I had never seen a portable one before, and when we peeked inside it was just as pleasurable as any full sized planetarium I have been to.

Towards the end of the night on Saturday there was a fashion show with costumes.  There was one girl that had a body paint costume that was very unique and it was a great costume.  There were also a lot of other costumes that we saw throughout the lobby that were pretty awesome too.  It seemed the later in the weekend it got, the better the costumes were.  There seemed to be the most Steampunk out of anything else, and they were quite the creative costumes.

The hotel accommodations definitely met my expectations, it was a nice hotel and room.  Coming from anywhere but the springs it’s the perfect place to stay and I always prefer staying at the hotel where the con is at if I can.  Please check out all the people we were able to catch up with over the weekend and be sure to check out their websites and the great things they all have to offer.  And we hope to see you next year at Galaxy Fest III, we are also going to make it up for the Colorado Springs Comic and Toy con so make sure you join us for that as well.

Blog written by:   Gina from Lords of Geek/ Geeking 4 Everyone

Galaxy Fest III:

Rocky Mountain Toy Collector Con:

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