San Diego Comic Con may be the largest con in the nation, but it seems as though there were more revelations at this year’s New York Comic Con.  Comic Book publishers made some major announcements, and lots of other exciting announcements were made.  One thing we know for sure is that January is going to be an awesome month for comic book releases.  It will be hard to choose between everything because everything new coming out will fill every comic book lovers dreams.  Caution: this may contain some spoilers, but nothing that should ruin anything for you or nothing that won’t be on the news.

With Batman’s 75th anniversary being next year DC announced that they have some major plans in store for Batman fans of the caped crusader.  In January DC will be releasing the 27th recreation of Detective Comics.  We are very excited for this. We have not been overly excited about The new 52 series and we are looking forward to a change, not to mention the aritsts and writers that will be working on this book.  If you are a fan old Batman comics this is for you. Rad Meltzer, Paul Dini, Bryan Hitch, Frank Miller, and the current
writer Scott Snyder will all be working on this.  Think that book is exciting? There is another one that may excite you even more than that which is Batman: Eternal.  This will include the end of the Zero Year that is currently going on in Batman series now.  Either way, Batman fans should be pleased with what DC has in store for everyone.  Stephanie Brown will also be making an apperance in this series.  Another thing that DC announced is that Superboy will die in the upcoming Krypton storyline.  What do you think about all of DC’s latest revelations and story lines?  We cannot wait to pick up some of the new books they have coming out.  We know that Mark Hamill’s days of the Joker are over and the new voice actor of the evil clown prince, Troy Baker.  We have included a clip from the panel at NYCC where he does the Joker’s voice.  He will be play the Joker’s voice in one of the most anticipated Batman video games of all time, Arkam Origins.

Dark Horse is releasing a few new series that should excite you all.  For a while now, Dark Horse has been hinting about a Firefly and Serenity comic book series.  Serenity is the first one they talked about to be  released in January. That’s right a new Serenity series called Serenity: Leaves the Wind.  This new series is written by Jed Wheadon, Joss Wheadon’s brother, and also has Buffy The Vampire Slayer artist Georges Jeanty.  Don’t get too excited for too long of a series because this series is only a six part mini series.  In this new series, River is the new ship pilot, and Zoe is pregnant.  Also, the group is in greater danger than ever.  Is this a series that you will be picking up, or are you passing on this one?  Dark Horse commented that this series is to be released in January.  Dark Horse also announced that there will be a new Aliens series, also to be released in 2014.

IDW had some exciting news for fans, and that was the new artists that they have just added.   John Romita, Sergio Aragonés, and David Mazzucchelli will all be on the IDW team, plus many more to come.  We were a little shocked and excited to learn that John Romita is joining the IDW team.  IDW is also making new artist version of Jim Steranko’s Nick Fury Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.  What do you think of IDW’s newest artist additions?   You can also look forward to some more strips they are making new issues of such as Kirby’s New Gods, Dave Gibbons’Watchmen and Charles Schulz’s classic Peanuts comic strips.

Marvel also has some exciting comic book releases for everyone.  The Panel at NYCC was dedicated to the Earth’s Mightiest HeroesMarvel Comics Executive Editor Tom Brevoort, editor Lauren Sankovitch, along with writers Al Ewing, Dennis Hopeless, Jonathan Hickman, Ales Kot, and Nick Spencer talked about the future for the Avenger’s and for All-New Marvel NOW! They announced that there will be a new Avengers series.  The new series is the most important piece they are working on and also Hickman’s favorite.  There will also be another Avengers series out called Avengers Undercover. Which is a series about teens who pretend to be the villains so they can take down the real villains.  Ewing commented in the panel that The Mighty Avengers will keep getting bigger and bigger.  Avengers Arena is coming to an end and everyone dies so you can expect this series to be coming to an end.  Avengers #24 will be The Avengers #24 NOW and also The Avenger’s #1.  The book is due to be shipped out on Christmas Eve.  Some other titles you can also look forward to in the near future include but are not limited to: Loki: Agent of Asgard, Iron Patriot, New Warriors, Punisher, Elektra, Captain Marvel, Black Widow and the Silver Surfer, Thor, and Captain America.  We are especially excited for Silver Surfer since it has been years since we have read one of these books.  They are also releasing an X-Men and Guardians of the Galaxycrossover.  Regardless Marvel has a lot of titles coming out that should suit any comic book readers desires.  They are making so many new series there will be so many great book coming out that it will be hard to keep up with. We are excited for all the new releases coming out, which one are you looking forward to the most?  If you attended the con you may have attended the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. panel and watched next weeks episode.  This was the biggest revelation made in this panel, when they were asked the question was avoided and they were not willing to give up much.  Let’s face it, Marvel never gives away any hints so this is pretty standard.  They are working on issues #5 and #6 of the comic book that they are hoping to release soon.

Transformer fans, GI Joe and Transformers will be making another comic crossover again for the first time since the 80’s.  There is also a whole new line of transformer toys coming out with the new movie releasing soon.

Valiant Comics is going back to their 90’s collection and releasing a few titles.  They are bringing back world’s worst superteam with Q2: The Return of Quantum and Woody .  And the Eternal Warrior series goes into the future and suppose to be even more packed with the action than the current one that we have grown to love.  We are excited to see everything that Valiant has in store for us in 2014.

Walking Dead fans, there were also some big announcements made this year at NYCC.  The first thing that was announced was they are adding three new cast members Josh McDermitt, Christian Serratos, and Michael Cudlitz, who will play Sargeant Abraham Ford.  Kirkland wanted to add someone similar to Daryl and Rick who has those leadership qualities that won’t back down.  He is also a character in the comic book series so this should fit in well with the show if it is played out right.  There were also several Walking Dead revelations made in panels.  Andrew Lincoln quoted that ” (Carl) would be a badass this season.”  And he gave away the spoiler that episode 9 the group gets in some real trouble and he was so shell shocked by the script that he had to call his cast and crew friends to make sure it was real.  We have a feeling Carl is going to be getting the group in some big trouble.  They also revealed several spoiler previews so if you were there you were lucky enough to watch.  If you have not heard us talk about Walking Dead #115 there was 14 books that were released last Wednesday, and they were sold out a week in advance.  Image was offering 13 of the copies to certain select retailers, but only at a Walking Dead party.  Mile High Comics was one of the retailers selected so we were lucky enough to be able to attend a party.  One of the Black and White variants for this book was listed at $250.00 for retail price.  I am sure you can imagine what the price keeps exceeding on that specific variant and also all the other variants for Walking Dead #115.  The 14th book was only available at NYCC since it was the special edition for the con.  So if you went you might have been lucky to pick one up.  Since there were very few of these books made, and available to the general public they are  great collectors items. There will also be more books in the rest of the series.

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