There are so many great new titles that come out every week that it makes it so tough to choose.  But each week we will be choosing 10 titles that are our top picks, and we will also be giving a short description of the comic.  Our intent is not to reveal anything but a summary of what the book may be about, but if you don’t want to know anything then don’t read any further.  Our weekly reviews will be more designed to actually discuss the book with more spoilers, the purpose in these weekly blogs is to recommend books to our fans, and let you know what is on our list for the week (which we will also release every Wednesday).  We love to hear all input from our fans so please don’t hesitate to let us know how you like any of the books recommended, or if you have any questions.  The picks are always done alphabetically so these picks are not numbered from first choice to last choice only the top 10 that we choose to purchase for the week.  We always choose writers and artists that we believe are extremely talented so no need to state the obvious on that one.  Although, now and again we may give a mention to one of our favorites.  We also like to pick one kids book for the parents out there looking for good books for their little ones.  Also, remember the covers we show are only the standard cover, check your retailer for alternate covers.  We will also release our top collector’s item for the week.  For the month of September DC is doing Villains month, and so this month should be especially packed with all your favorite Villains.  Some of these titles even come in 3-D.  With the high demand this month on all the DC Villain titles, be sure to pull your comics quickly and order quick before they are gone.  This month we will be letting you know what some of our favorite Villain issues that are coming out that we want to purchase.  We will leave a link at the end of this blog.  Here’s our top ten for the week:

Batman Black and White #1:  If you never read this book when it was released in 1996 you should start now.  This book was awesome back then we are sure the first book to this new mini series will be something you don’t want to miss.  We are especially excited for this new mini series and can’t wait to see what stories are going to be included in this series.  The original Black and White #1 won an Eisner trophy, and of course this mini series will include stories from some of the most talented artists and writers in the comic book industry.  Even better, if you place an order at Mile High Comics this week for $50 or higher than you can get this issue for free.  I know this is one deal that I will not be missing out on.  Make sure to place your order quick before these are all gone.  The deal is gone once the issues are so if you don’t act fast you may not get it.  What stories will be included in this new Miniseries?  What predictions do you have for this series?

Batman 23.1 Joker:  This is an issue that we would love to pick up in celebration of Villains month that DC Comics is doing for the month.  This is a series that I have always enjoyed that I have not had the chance to pick up in a while.  We always know how evil the Joker is, but in this issue we find out what originally send The Joker on his path of turmoil.  I have a feeling this book may have some extra details that we may not know about the Joker yet that will be especially exciting.  We can’t wait to see what unfolds in this book and what else The Joker has in store.

Danger Girl: The Chase #1:  Even though the legend behind this series J. Scott Campbell is not drawing anymore for this series we still want to give this series a chance.   We have always loved Danger girl and have not checked out any books since J. Scott Campbell stopped doing the Danger Girl series.  In this book the girls have a ticking bomb on their hands.  They travel to different countries cities, and many other exciting destinations.  We are excited to see all the places that the girls go on in order to stop this ticking time bomb. Can the girls safely get the ticking time bomb under control before its too late and causes too much destruction?

Garfield #17 (Kids pick of the week):  We always loved Garfield as kids, and we think any child can appreciate Garfield.  The show has always been relatively educational and same with the comic. Only the comic is much more packed with action to keep your child’s attention.  In this issue, Garfield takes on the Lasagna Monstors.  In next weeks issue its the battle of the evil Calzone.  One thing that’s great about Garfield is it may get your child’s interest in foods they don’t like.

Green Lantern #23.1 Relic:  This is another issue part of DC’s Villain month, and it has been a while since we have read any Green Lantern so we decided to get this weeks issue.  This book is also available in 3D, but those go fast so order quick.  In this issue, Relic is back and we discover more about him and what his intentions are.  Relic could be the most powerful and intense force that the Lantern’s have ever seen from anything.  What damage will Relic cause and why?  What details will we find out in this week’s issue?

Infinity #2:  We have enjoyed this series and every week there is a release for this series we pick it up.  Unfortunately this week Marvel didn’t give a lot of clues as to where this book would be leading us.  But, we do know that the in humans pay their tribute and there is victory in deep space.  What excitement will this weeks book bring?  What battles will be fought in this weeks issue?  What new characters will possibly be introduced?

Justice League Dark #23.1 Creeper:  The Creeper escapes from being in his captivity and as he breaks out he causes more turmoil and destruction than anyone could have imagined.  Katana and Jack Ryder also join The Justice League this week.  Will The Justice League be able to stop The Creeper?  What will The Creeper destroy on his path of destruction?  We are especially excited to pick up this issue for Villains month.

Spawn #235:  We have always enjoyed the Spawn series, and just about every week that one comes out we pick it up.  In this weeks issue, the battle between Jim and the K7 Leetha continues.  New truths and details are unraveled in this weeks issue when K7 Leetha tries to control Jim’s mind, but all it does is make him remember things.  A new friend also comes into this book and tells an old story about a Vampire.  What secrets will be discovered in this weeks issue?  What excitement will this Vampire story bring to this book?

Superman #23.1:  This is another book we are excited to get for villains month.  In this issue, Lex Luthor has a plan for Superman, and that’s to engineer him genetically and make him a mindless soldier under his control.  This soldier is named Bizarro and I am sure we can imagine that this new version of Superman is nothing but pure evil.  What destruction will Bizarro cause?  How long will Lex cause turmoil until someone can stop him?

 The Star Wars #1:   This series is George Lucas’ adaptation of Star Wars before it was really Star Wars.  This series is the rough draft of the writing of Star Wars by George Lucas that would eventually change movie industry and grow into the films that we all love so much. We are sure there will be many secrets revealed in this new series.  We all know that in movies there are many things they cut out so it will be interesting to see what details get revealed in this new series.  In this weeks issue we discover that Annakin Starkiller is the hero, Luke is a wiser Jedi General, and Han Solo is a big, green alien.  And as always, the Sith is there to cause havok and turmoil with the Jedi’s.  What secrets will be revealed in this new series?  What trouble will the Sith’s cause on the Jedi’s?

These are our top 10 picks for the week let us know if you have any questions, and please feel free to comment with any input.  We love having conversations and answering any questions that fans may have.  Also, sometimes buying everything in one week can be overwhelming, but if you shop at Mile High Comics like we do you will save a ton of money.  And, you may also get something for free as a bonus as we have gotten from several online orders.  Next, month DC is doing Villain month and so Septembers issues will be especially packed with all of our favorite Villains.  You can also go to DC’s website and enter a chance to win every issue for Villian month. We are especially excited for next months issues. Until next weeks new releases…..

Don’t forget to shop at Mile High Comics our Favorite store and largest comic book retailer!!!!!!

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