Last week, Apple fans found out the newest members of Apple’s family, the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c.  The difference between the 5s and the 5c is a difference in preference, and depending on what preferences you have depends on the phone you should get. We have also included the videos directly from Apple’s website so you can watch and see the new phones and their features.

The 5S will have the most technology out of any iPhone made yet. It will have an A7 64bit processor (which if you don’t know, is extremely fast).  The new A7 chip will help assist the phone with several new features. The camera in this phone will work with the operating system and will take four photos then merge those photos together in one photo for the ultimate precision.  This is designed to take out any blurriness from movements, or any bad lighting.  There will be a fingerprint security scanner on the home button of your phone.  This means no more passwords, all you have to do is let the phone scan your thumbprint and you will have access to your phone and also be able to use it in the store instead of entering your apple id.  The phone will also have something called an M7 chip which is the graphics card that will be working with the A7 on the 5s.  If you don’t know already this is about the equivalent that comes in an XBOX 360 so gamers will love this model.  We have included the video below to give you more visual detail with the 5s.  With a new contract or upgrade it costs $199 for the 16GB, $299 for the 32G and $399 for the 64 MB.  Without a contract its $650 for the 16G, $750 for the 32G, and $850 for the 64GB.

The 5C is more for the person that doesn’t need a lot of extra features and it is cheaper in price than the 5S.  So, if you are one of those people that has been waiting for a more inexpensive iPhone then this would be the one to get.  Its basic, but don’t let the fact that it doesn’t have as many features of the 5S fool you.  This phone will still be very camparible to the Iphone 5, so the technology will still be there.  This phone runs on an A6 just as the Iphone 5 does.  It has a polycarbonite casing that will give your phone the ultimate protection vs the metal/glass casing that comes with the standard iPhone, even more the reason that it is perfect for a teenager or college student who may not take as good of care for their phone.  The 5C will come in multiple colors: Yellow, White, Blue, Green, and pink.  The phones will also have new rubber cases so that you can interchange multiple colors, the cases will not come with the phone they are sold seperately.  Below is a video that is from the Apple website to give you more visual detail on the 5c. The price on the 5C starts at $199 for a 16MB and  $299 for a 16GB with a contract and $399 for the 64 MB.  It is my understanding that Apple may reduce the prices on the 5C, and make sure to check your local phone companies because pricing may vary.


Now that you have the info on both features its time to decide which phone will suit you the best. For me I am choosing the 5S because I want the faster processor and the better camera to be able to deliver our fans better coverage at conventions and events.   Now, if all you want is a basic phone, and the camera abilities on the 5 are ok for you then I would say to go with the 5C.  If you are looking for a more inexpensive phone with basic features the 5C is the way to go.  To me, the 5C would be perfect for the teenager or college student that doesn’t need something extremely fancy.  It really comes down to preference and what you need to use your phone for.  Not impressed with either phone?  That’s ok don’t forget the iphone 6 is on its way in the near future. Let us know what phone you will be buying in the future, we are curious what our fans think about all the new phones coming out even if you are not purchasing an iPhone.

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