There are so many great new titles that come out every week that it makes it so tough to choose.  But each week we will be choosing 10 titles that are our top picks, and we will also be giving a short description of the comic.  Our intent is not to reveal anything but a summary of what the book may be about, but if you don’t want to know anything then don’t read any further.  Our weekly reviews will be more designed to actually discuss the book with more spoilers, the purpose in these weekly blogs is to recommend books to our fans, and let you know what is on our list for the week (which we will also release every Wednesday).  We love to hear all input from our fans so please don’t hesitate to let us know how you like any of the books recommended, or if you have any questions.  The picks are always done alphabetically so these picks are not numbered from first choice to last choice only the top 10 that we choose to purchase for the week.  We always choose writers and artists that we believe are extremely talented so no need to state the obvious on that one.  Although, now and again we may give a mention to one of our favorites.  We also like to pick one kids book for the parents out there looking for good books for their little ones.  Also, remember the covers we show are only the standard cover, check your retailer for alternate covers.  We will also release our top collector’s item for the week.  Here’s our top ten for the week:
Batman Incorporated Special #1:  This special series includes all the Batman Incorporated superheros.  Which will include  Red Raven, El Gaucho, Dark Ranger, Knight, and many more!! We are excited to pick up this book and see what they have in store for us and to see where this series is going and how all the characters will be depicted.  This is a series we plan on collecting from the beginning to the end.  We are also excited In this issue Batman’s army will be trying to fight against Talia al Ghul.  There is an epic struggle, but who will win?  Will the superhero’s win this battle?
Batman Superman #3:  This is also a series that we have collected since the first issue, and I think we all know that this series intrigues any comic book reader.  Everyone is also excited for the movie, so we think this issue will be especially good and full of action when Batman and Superman battle the Batman and Superman of the Earth 2.  These type of dimension stories are something that the creators and writers seem to be emphasizing.  We am not sure how much I care for the dimension plots but I am giving them a chance.  This seems to be a very popular series with comic book readers across the globe.
Batman: The Dark Knight #23:  We pick up at least one Dark Knight every month, and we are excited for this week’s issue.  I think we all have loved this series at one time or another.  In this weeks issue Clayface goes on a murdering Spree in Gotham and its up to Batman and Comissioner Gordon to stop him.  But, there might be hope for Gotham when an unlikely villian becomes an ally.  Will Mad Hatter, Batman, and Comissioner Gordon be able to help Gotham before its too late?  Will the Mad Hatter and Batman have a fued if they defeat Clayface? What is next for Batman and Commissioner Gordon? This weeks issue will be especially packed with action and surprises.

Deadpool #15:  It has been a while since we have picked up a regular Deadpool issue.  Recently we have been purchasing the Deadpool Killustrated and we also just read and picked up the SDCC edition of Deadpool Kills Deadpool.  So we decided to pick up this weeks issue. In this weeks issue of Deadpool his
past from Weapon X comes back and causes turmoil.  Deadpool needs help so Captain America and Wolverine come in to try and help Deadpool.  Can Captain America and Wolverine help Deadpool from the turmoil caused in his past with Weapon X?

Doctor Who: Prisoners of Time #8: This series was created to help celebrate the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, and it is one that we have purchased since the beginning.  We have have been excited and enjoying this series and also excited to read the next book in this series.  In this book, after Grace Halloway helps the Doctor defeat The Master he tries to convince her to continue with him on his adventures.  Will she join him?  Or will she stay behind?  What adventures will The Doctor go on next, and will Grace be with him or will she go her own way?   This series is a great collectors item, so collectors make sure you pick up this one and the whole series.
Justice League #23:  We are excited for The Trinity War to continue.  We have a
feeling this book will be packed with action, and details that we have all been waiting for.  In this issue, Pandora’s Box is unleashed.  Does this mean the end for the Justice League?  Are there other superheros that will be affected?  What do you think will happen in the conclusion?  This has been a very popular series and we can’t wait to see where this series is going.

Injustice Gods Among us #8:  We have always enjoyed this series and we think this book is going to be especially exciting. The book starts out with the ending of the Metropolist and the Justice League of America and Superman have a new ally, Lex Luthor.  Lex has survived and has set the goal to help Superman.  Will they have the same ideas on how to save the World?  Will the Justice League of America form an alliance with Lex Luthor? We have a feeling that this weeks issue will be especially packed with tons of action and surprises.
Thor God of Thunder #12:  It has been a really long time since we have read any Thor by himself so this week we wanted to give this one a chance.  In this weeks issue Thor returns to Midgard and the love of his life also returns, Dr. Jane Foster.  What will Thor do this week when he is not out saving the World with The Avengers?  What adventures will he go on with Dr. Jane Foster?
 Wolverine and the X-Men #35:  We haven’t had the chance to pick up an issue from this series in a while, and it is one that we have always enjoyed.  In this issue the Hellfire Saga continues and concludes the last part of this Saga.  Wolverine and the X Men have an encounter with Sabretooth, Mystique, and The Hellfire Club.  What will happen with the Jean Grey School Students?  Who will win the battle?  Is this the end for The Wolverine and The X-men?  Read to find out in the last part of this Saga.
Kids Pick of the Week: Adventure Time with Fiona and Cake #1:  All the kids seem to enjoy Adventure Time.  So most of the time this ends up being one of our picks for the week.  Adventure time is great for the little ones, because it takes them on an educational adventure as well as fills your child’s love for comics.  This weeks issue is an Emerald City Comic Con Exclusive so it may even be one that you want to add to your collection (even if you don’t have kids).  Alternates would be the Peanuts #11 and also the girls love My Little Pony, and there is of course another issue of that this week.

Top Collector’s Item of the Week:  Every week we like to suggest one collector’s item.  Some of these we may buy, some we may not.  This weeks collector’s item that we picked is especially awesome.  This week there is an All new X Men #1 signed by Stan Lee that is released this week.  This is an item I think we would all love to have.  This item is marked at $399.99, but I would check your retailer to see if they even have it or if this is the price they are selling it for.
These are our top 10 picks for the week let us know if you have any questions, and please feel free to comment with any input.  We love having conversations and answering any questions that fans may have.  Also, sometimes buying everything in one week can be overwhelming, but if you shop at Mile High Comics like we do you will save a ton of money.  And, you may also get something for free as a bonus as we have gotten from several online orders.  Next, month DC is doing Villain month and so Septembers issues will be especially packed with all of our favorite Villains.  You can also go to DC’s website and enter a chance to win every issue for Villian month. We are especially excited for next months issues. Until next weeks new releases…..

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