With less than a few days away from Denver Comic Con the excitement is getting stronger and the anticipation is getting harder and harder by the minute.  Its time for everyone to get dressed up in their favorite costumes and attend one of the best events that Denver has to offer.  This years Denver Comic Con has so many exciting guests and attractions.  We will be discussing the events and guests that we are most excited to see.  We will also be sharing some experiences we have had lately in bringing guests to this wonderful event.  One thing I love about Comic Con and most events we attend it there is something for everyone there.  No matter what you like and enjoy you will always have a fun and exciting time at Denver Comic Con.  Another thing that is great about Denver Comic Con is they bring us so many events before it even takes place that are a lot of fun and have great benefits.  They have local Beer parties at breweries, costume parties, comic book store parties, and year round benefits by Comic Book Classroom.
Let’s face it, one of the most exciting parts of Denver Comic Con is the special guests.  Denver Comic Con is only in its second year, and we can say the special guests they have attending for this year is absolutely incredible.  Trek fans, Denver Comic Con will have William Shatner, George Takei,  Wil Wheaton, and Anthony Montgomery. William Shatner will only be there Sunday and if you don’t know, Denver Comic Con got William Shatner to come this year when Stan Lee had to cancel.  This is amazing for them to pull this off only weeks before the event takes place and just makes us respect them even more.  Star Wars fans, Peter Mayhew will be there who played Chewbacca in the Star Wars films.  We are very excited to see him for the first time.   Ben 10 fans and Generator Rex fans, Man of Action Studios will be there with creators Joe Kelly and Steven T. Seagle. Phinneas and Ferb fans, many of the voice actors from the show will be there.  And our favorite voice actor for this year is Dee Bradley Baker who is known for Phinneas and Ferb, Family Guy, and American Dad.  Baker has also appeared in major video game titles such as Gears of War 3 and Star Wars: The Old Republic.   Everyone loves Doctor Who and what better to get our Doctor Who cravings with guests Colin Baker and Daphne Ashbrook. If you are looking forward to Marvel’s new network television series, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, many of these actors will also be there.  We are excited for this new show and to see the actors involved in the show and learn a little about them.  Let’s not forget what brings us all together for these events, the Comic Book artists.

The comic book creators, writers, and illustrators are of course a big part of Denver Comic Con and for us and many the most exciting part of Denver Comic Con. Eventhough Stan Lee had to cancel there are so many more artists we are excited to see and this opens up more oppurtunity for us to see them.  The list just goes on and on and on for the artists and we can’t wait.   One of our favorites is J. Scott Campbell.  He has actually lived in Denver for most of his life but one of the greatest artists that is known for his work everywhere.  He is known for the comic book series hit “Danger Girl” and he is also known for doing work on several Marvel titles. Everyone wants to be able to draw like him, as he is such an inspiration to artists and comic book fans everywhere.  He also did the famous Denver Comic Con artwork this year that is placed at the top of this blog.  We actually had the pleasure in meeting him about 12 years ago.  We delivered cabinets to his house from a job at the time.  And when we told him what huge fans we were he gave us a copy each of his unreleased (at the time) sketchbook and an issue of Danger girl and signed them both.  This is how awesome J. Scott Campbell is. He contributes so much to his fans, Denver Comic Con, and the community.  We can’t wait to see him for the second time and check out some of his most recent work.  There are so many good artists that we are so excited to see that it will be hard for us to discuss everyone, but someone else we are excited to see is Neal Adams.  He is also attending Mile High Comics Comic Con Pre-Party the night before Comic Con starts.  Neal also has a son who is an illustrator and is also attending the party and Denver Comic Con.
So we will get two opportunities to meet Neal Adams and his son and we can’t wait.  If you don’t know who Neal Adams is he has done work for several titles for Marvel.   We also are excited to check out local Dan Conner and check out some of his work, and he will also be at both events.   There will be several incredible artists from DC and Marvel at Denver Comic Con. Some of the other artists we are excited to see are: Denny O Neil, Dexter Vines, Gabriel Hardman, George Perez, Greg Weisman, J.K. Woodward, Kevin Freeman, Matt Wagner, and Paul Ryan.  We can’t wait tocatch up with these artists plus many more I feel like the list just goes on and on for the incredible artists that will be there this year.  Like other comics besides Marvel and DC?  No problem,  everyone I am sure has read an Archie as a child or even as an adult and Archie Comics has been around for as long as I can remember.  This year an artist will be there that was with Archie for over 20 years, Dan Parent.  We haven’t read an Archie in years, but we will definitely be taking some of our older copies for him to sign.  Archie Comics has been loved by everyone at one point or another and we think this is a great addition to this years guest list.  Dan Parent was not just an artist for Archie, he brought things to the comic world such as interracial relationships and same sex marraige.   He is the reason that we have such a diversity with comics, and even if you aren’t an Archie fan, Dan Parent has done amazing things for the comic industry.   Do you have a daughter that just isn’t into superheros?  Don’t worry, several of the My little Pony artists will also be there this year.  They will even be doing a panel and teaching kids how to draw My Little Pony.  Lets not forget about one of the most beneficial organizations at Denver Comic Con, Comic Book classroom.
In every event related blog we like to discuss the benefits of Comic Book Classroom.  Comic Book Classroom is a literacy program designed to help kids read and make comics of their own.  One thing that we have learned over the years is telling one person the benefits of comics and Comic Book Classroom can change a child’s education and their desire to learn to read, write, and draw.  CBC goes to schools all over and sets up free after school programs for kids to create their own comics.  One thing I love about these comic events is a portion of the contributions go to Comic Book Classroom, and it gives kids the excitement and importance to write their own comics.  This program helps kids, families, and schools all over.  And lets not forget that a portion of Denver Comic Con goes to Comic Book Classroom so just by you attending Comic Con you are helping a child learn.  One thing that we are going to make sure to check out at Denver Comic Con is all of the Comic Book Classroom activities they have for kids.  They teach them how to read, write, and be artists of their own.  There will be activities every day at Comic Con from Comic Book Classroom to suit every child’s desire for comics. If you have any extra Comics or art supplies please donate them to Comic Book Classroom so they can help kids in need at, or if you are out of state please contact us so we can get them to Comic Book Classroom.  Even going out and buying a pack of colored pencils or a sketch pad could make a child’s day.  The contributions alone that Comic Book Classroom and Denver Comic Con make towards children is enough for us to want to support them, even without all the special attractions.

29Denver Comic Con and many events in Denver isn’t just about the attractions, its also about meeting people and getting together with friends that hold similar interests.  Part of the excitement is meeting new people and also meeting up with old friends. The friends that we meet up with most at our events is Points of Interest Podcasting.  They have great podcasts and they are a part of Denver Comic Con this year.  We have also enjoyed bringing other fans to this event that didn’t have a direct interest in attending.  We have had fans from all over message us about local gamer groups, and what better place to express your gaming interest than Denver Comic Con.  We also have become close with some Cosplay girls in Texas and they had their house taken and not only their belongings, but 20 years of art work.  They also missed William Shatner at Dallas Comic Con the night of the Tornado.  When I told them that he was just recently added to the guest list it made their day that they would have another oppurtunity to meet William Shatner.  People come from all over the nation to share one of the best events in Denver, and we are proud to have such an amazing event in our hometown.  Denver Comic Con isn’t just for Comic Book fans, its for fans of all kinds, everywhere.  Please come join us at Denver Comic Con this year for all the excitement at one our favorite events nationwide.

This blog was solely intended for the purpose to highlight our excitement for Denver Comic Con, it does not include everything at Denver Comic Con so for more information, please visit their website at denvercomiccon.com.  We are also guest bloggers on Points of Interest Podcasting Network so don’t miss our blogs on there as well as their podcasts.

Blog written by Geeking 4 Everyone https://www.facebook.com/pages/Geeking-4-Everyone
Denver Comic Con 2013 artwork done by J. Scott Campbell  denvercomiccon.com
Danger Girl and Sketchbook picture taken by Geeking 4 Everyone, provided by J. Scott Campbell
William Shatner Picture from startrek.com
Comic Book Classroom logo was created by Comic Book Classroomcomicbookclassroom.com
Schedule information found through Guidebook and Denver Comic Con  denvercomiccon.com
Points of Interest Podcasting Network http://PointsOfInterestPodcast.com

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