With less than a week away from Denver Comic Con the excitement is getting stronger and the anticipation is getting harder and harder by the minute.  Its time for everyone to get dressed up in their favorite costumes and attend Mile High Comics Denver Comic Con Pre-Party!!!  Mile High Comics always has great events with great artists and deals on merchandise. Come learn about different comics and meet great people with the same interests on Thursday May 30th at Mile High Comics Mega Store on Jason Street.  Mile High Comics is a family place so everyone is welcome at any event.  Throughout this blog we will be discussing all the fun attractions that Mile High Comics will be having for this very exciting event and the wonderful things that Mile High Comics does for comic book fans everywhere.  If you are not in Colorado please don’t forget that Mile High has online ordering and they have great deals on merchandise all the time.
 When we heard Neal Adams would be at Denver Comic Con and Mile High Comics party we could feel nothing but excitement.  If you don’t know who Neal Adams is he is a phenomenal artist who’s major work includes but is not limited to Batman,  X-Men, Green Arrow, Green Lantern, and Deadman. Most of all, when we think of today’s Batman I think of Neal Adams.  The picture we have placed here we found on Neal Adams website and an excellent example of his astonishing work. We are very excited to not only get the chance to meet him once and get his autograph, but twice.  Just to meet this one artist is amazing and that’s only one artist that will  be at Mile High’s party.  The artists they have announced to this point are: Chris Moreno, Monte Moore, Andrew Pepoy, Tony Fleecs, Tone Rodriguez, Gabe Hernandez, Thomas Zahler, Dan Conner, Yamada Garner, Joel Adams, Josh Adams, Jason Tucker, Rio Herrera, Jaysen Headly, Sam Spina, Tom Rasch, Ted Intorcio, Lonnie Allen, and they are also in the process of getting a few more artists.  We are also excited to see some of Chris Moreno’s work as well as Dan Conner.  Dan Conner is also kind enough to give everyone free posters.  Dan Conner has done work for Comic Book Classroom, Mile High Comics and many more.  Some of his greatest work includes versions of the graphic novels A Midsummer Nights Dream and Dracula, but he is also releasing a few titles for Denver Comic Con this year.  Dan also has contributed to the community by doing work for the Aurora shooting and drawings for little ones.  One thing we love doing is checking out new artists and new books. Mile High asks is that you bring a maximum of five of your favorite titles to have autographed with as many fans as they are expecting.  However, at this point they are not aware of any artists putting restrictions on how many items they will autograph. Just meeting the artists alone is exciting enough, but lets also talk about the other fun things this party has to offer.
In every event related blog we like to discuss the benefits of Comic Book Classroom.  Comic Book Classroom is a literacy program designed to help kids read and make comics of their own.  One thing that we have learned over the years is telling one person the benefits of comics and CBC can change a child’s education and their desire to learn to read, write, and draw.  CBC goes to schools all over and sets up free after school programs for kids to create their own comics.  One thing I love about these comic events is a portion of the contributions go to Comic Book Classroom, and to give kids the excitement and importance to write their own comics is enough for us to want to contribute.  And let’s not forget the excitement that costumes bring to the kids every year at these events.  Mile High Comics also contributes to helping kids learn about comics.
Mile High Comics is not doing a costume contest this year, but something even better. Mile High Comics is giving away $10 store credit towards back issues to every customer dressed in a costume.  Not only are they bringing us some great artists but they are also giving us store credit for dressing up.  For us we like to dress up for the kids and because its fun, but all the better when you get rewarded for dressing up in your favorite costume.  One thing we love to see is all the creative handmade costumes.  It is also to bring your kids to see all their favorite comic book characters.  Come get dressed up with us and have a great time at Mile High Comics Comic Con Pre-Party.  They have parties year round that we attend so don’t forget to check the updates and blogs for more events.  The picture below was with Batman and us that we took on Free Comic Book Day at Mile High Comics Lakewood store (one of us was not in the picture).  Mile High also took the same photo and posted it to their Facebook page.

And if this isn’t enough to make you want to come then just check out the amazing selection of comics they have, and lets not forget that you can get your Denver Comic Con badges to save time.

Blog written by Geeking 4 Everyone

Comic Con Pre Party Picture made by Mile High Comics http://www.milehighcomics.com/
Batman artwork from Neal Adams website http://www.nealadams.com/
Mile High comics photo of Megastore was taken by Mile High Comics
Batman Photo taken by Geeking 4 Everyone https://www.facebook.com/pages/Geeking-4-Everyone/243676235735151?ref=tn_tnmn
Comic Book Classroom logo done by Comic Book Classroom comicbookclassroom.com

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