Amidst all of the Kryptonian mythos of Supergirl, the CW series can always be distilled to a very human idea: acceptance. At times, the show has utilized its character relationships to highlight that notion. Season 2 has featured LGBT love interests, and even interplanetary romances. However, Supergirl has also explored the theme of “acceptance” by […]

LOGAN: Review

The rule of thumb for many cinematic franchises has been that the third installment is one that must be survived. Terminator never successfully moved forward after Terminator 2: Judgement Day in 1991. Warner Bros attempted (with mixed results) to retcon everything after Superman II with 2006’s Superman Returns. X-Men, the once signature series of Marvel […]


If last week’s edition of Supergirl helped restart some of the character relationships that elevated season 1, this latest offering brought back the antagonist who has done much to make Season 2 a success. As the title indicated, episode 12 dove deeply into the history between Cadmus Director Lillian Luthor and her apostate daughter, Lena. […]